College Discipline

1. College timings will be Monday to Friday 11.30 AM to 5.30 AM. Also Saturday will be 7.30 am to 1.30 am. It will be compulsory for trainees to attend the college full time.

2. Attendance sheet will be signed by all the trainees from Monday to Saturday till 11.20 am after which no signatures will be given to the trainees coming late. That's the end of the day

3. Absence will be required. 3. A trainee should not be absent without taking the prior permission of the Principal. 4. Examination form will not be filled if 80% attendance is not observed throughout the training year.

4. No complaint will be entertained in this regard later.

5. Trainee should not enter staffroom, office without work and permission.

6. The college uniform will be white pant and white shirt for boys and white saree and pink blouse for girls.

7. All trainees should be present in uniform on Saturdays and special event days.

8. The trainees should attend the college demonstration full-time and complete it as instructed by the faculty and present the demonstration within the given date. Otherwise they themselves will be responsible for the damages. Students are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones in class.

10. A trainee should behave courteously towards his colleagues, teachers and non-teaching staff.

11. All trainees should observe and follow the information and instructions posted on the notice board.

12. The trainees should strictly follow all the instructions in the background of Corona-19 epidemic. This includes social distancing, use of masks, use of sanitizers and if any symptoms of covid are observed, the college should be informed immediately.

13. Books in the library cannot be kept in one's name for more than seven days. Otherwise penal action will be taken.