College Profile

Shree Maharani Tarabai. Government College of Education in Kolhapur boasts a rich heritage of professional ethics and an 85-year tradition under the brand "Betician". This institution has been dedicated to fostering proficient teachers who contribute significantly to society. Upholding professional ethics and innovative practices, the college aligns its curriculum with global standards, emphasizing knowledge, skills, and professional values. The curriculum design process incorporates recommendations from apex bodies, statutory committees, national and state policies, NCTE norms, NAAC guidelines, and autonomous benchmarks. Admissions are strictly merit-based, ensuring the intake of capable students who are then exposed to a student-centric, need-based curriculum. This approach enables effective classroom transactions, diverse teaching approaches, and a comprehensive learning experience.

To facilitate organized learning, the institution prepares an academic calendar detailing teaching schedules, events, assessments, and breaks. Mandatory attendance ensures engagement in internship programs and practical sessions as scheduled. The institution's commitment to quality education is reflected in the consistent presence of students in the Shivaji University merit list for B.Ed. final exams.

The college has embraced modernization through grants and funding. Infrastructure improvements worth Rs 2 crore were authorized by the State Project Directorate, RUSA Maharashtra, while Rs. 50 lakhs were approved by the Maharashtra government for equipment procurement. Additionally, energy-efficient measures such as solar panels and LED lamps were integrated into the college infrastructure, with a grant of Rs 42 lakhs invested in renovations.

The institution takes an active role in environmental awareness, educating students on water and electricity conservation. It diligently follows Shivaji University and Maharashtra State GR circulars to implement programs effectively.

Established in 1934, Shree Maharani Tarabai Government College of Education stands as the first educational facility in Southern Maharashtra for teacher education. Recognized by NCTE and permanently affiliated with Shivaji University, the institution has a long tradition of imparting knowledge and skills to develop proficient teachers. The commitment of its educators is evident as they contribute to society as principals, headmasters, tutors, and educational catalysts, retiring with respect and honor.

The institution's vision is to prepare excellent teachers recognized as brand "Betician," while its mission is "Excellence through Training." The highly qualified teaching staff, recruited through rigorous processes, includes professors and associates with Ph.D. degrees and research experience. The college boasts 60% research guides, creating a rich research environment.Operating mainly on state government funds, the institution has made its mark with attributes like historical architecture, excellence in cultural and extension activities, a B+ grade reaccreditation by NAAC, strong infrastructure, and a qualified and experienced faculty. Grants from RUSA further support its growth and development. As a pioneer in teacher education, S.M.T. Government College of Education continues to shape the future of education with its commitment to quality, ethics, and innovation.